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Vauxhall Corsa D VXR 1.6 – New Performance Air Filter

We all know Vauxhall’s Corsa VXR isn’t short of power from the factory, but if you can squeeze out a few more bhp for under £100 then why not!

Powertec have just launched an induction kit for the Corsa VXR, with a RRP of £99.95. The kit includes the legendary Powertec cone, along with a full tailored fitting kit.

This gives the sporty Vauxhall a deeper induction roar, and is far freer flowing than the restrictive factory intake.


£94.99 delivered this week only!! Get in touch 


Astra Coupe Turbo – Nurburging

One of our customers decided to get in touch after taking his vehicle to the Nurburgring,


Neil from Leamington Spa sent us the following pictures…



He ran 3 laps 


the times: 9min 30sec, 9min 18sec (the one in the video) and 9min 5secs.

All 3 laps were done on low boost setting (230bhp) as high boost (303bhp) had some inlet temp issues on the dyno last week so he didn’t want to risk anything.




thanks Neil for the Video.


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