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Vauxhall Corsa D VXR 1.6 – New Performance Air Filter

We all know Vauxhall’s Corsa VXR isn’t short of power from the factory, but if you can squeeze out a few more bhp for under £100 then why not!

Powertec have just launched an induction kit for the Corsa VXR, with a RRP of £99.95. The kit includes the legendary Powertec cone, along with a full tailored fitting kit.

This gives the sporty Vauxhall a deeper induction roar, and is far freer flowing than the restrictive factory intake.


£94.99 delivered this week only!! Get in touch 


Engine Degreaser – Before and After – Mazda 3

UKDetail Engine Degreaser in use..

Items used

50:1 dilution – UKDetail engine degreaser

Industrial towel wipes

Spray Bottle

1. Start off by diluting your engine degreaser in a spray bottle.

2. Be sure to cover any electrical parts ( fluid is safe, but better safe than sorry)

3. Spray Engine Degreaser on Plastics and Metal

4. Leave to soak for around 60 seconds

5. Use paper towel or cloth to remove the dissolved engine oils and dirt

6. Admire your new engine Shine


Engine Degreaser used on 15 year old engine

Here is an example of the UKDetail Engine Degreaser


spray a 50:1 mix on your engine bay

Let the degreaser settle for about a minute or so…

while you’re waiting grab a few sturdy cloths and proceed to wipe the sprayed areas clean.

You will notice the grease and grime build up will turn into a thick soap like solution.

This is our special formula lifting the stubborn oil and grease from the engine and surrounding parts




after wiping away you should be left with a very fresh looking engine bay (please remember this is a 15 year old track abused engine that has done approx 120,000miles)

Item used can be see here