Remus Rear Silencers for BMW 6-Series (F12) 640i 2011


Vehicle: BMW 6-Series (F12) 640i 2011-
Product: Stainless steel rear silencers
Produced: Austria
Remus are Europe’s largest & most prestigious performance exhaust manufacturer.


  • Remus Lifetime Warranty
  • Legendary Remus fit
  • Extensive R&D
  • Increased Horsepower – 9 BHP increase!!
  • Unique Remus Sound
  • It’s a Remus!


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Top Gear Crew visit Machynlleth

ferrari machynlleth top gear

Top Gear Crew visit small town in Mid Wales, Machynlleth

Ferrari and Bentley Parked at the Wynnstay Hotel


Vehicle Tuning Mid Wales – UK Remap


tuning mid wales

Plant-I Ltd is an award winning vehicle solutions provider offering supply, installation and ongoing customer support.
Plant-I have built up a large customer base over the last 10 years that covers the UK and Europe including local authorities, large hauliers, delivery suppliers and private vehicle owners.

  • Every vehicle we map is Custom Remapped, nothing less will do
  • Every vehicle we map carries a Lifetime Warranty on the software
  • Every vehicle we map carries a no-quibble 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Cars, Vans, Motorhomes, Trucks & Tractors

Do you want to increase power, improve drivability and save fuel? Do you and your vehicle deserve the best? Then demand a Quantum Remap from Plant-I Ltd, the tuning brand to trust.

We realise that remapping can be a new experience for many vehicle owners. If you have any questions , or require any advice, please feel free to call any time. Our aim is to make your decision easier for you and to give an honest and helpful answer about the benefits you could achieve from a remap.


Fuel, Petrol, Diesel, Save

There are only two certain things in life, our ultimate demise and the fact that fuel will continue to rise. No one has a miracle cure or gadget to save both your pocket and the world, BUT when you have a Remapper you can experience substantial fuel savings and these days every little really does help.

Don’t believe in outlandish fuel saving claims, they simply won’t happen! Most diesel vehicles will see between 8-15% fuel saving from the remap alone. BUT, when combined with a change in driving style, to take full advantage of the extra torque and driveability, much more is possible.

We give you the tools to save fuel; most customers achieve savings on virtually every journey, however drive hard, convert the all the extra power into acceleration/speed and savings will be minimal, but you will have fun!

Taking an average 10% saving, this soon mounts up, if you a commercial driver doing long mileages then the remap will pay for itself very quickly. Explore through our cool Fuel Calculators below and see how much you can save.



Green Tune
  • Designed to return an improved economy in turbo diesel engines.
  • By re-characterising the torque limits on the engine, at lower rpm’s you will benefit from additional performance and improved economy.
  • At higher rpm’s the software will encourage shifting up through the gearbox, to keep the engine running in its optimal window.
  • QuantumGreen™ is a very popular choice with large fleet owners, where the extra mpg improvement counts on the bottom line profit.
Blue Tune
  • The most popular remap choice, offering the best mix of power and economy in virtually all turbo diesel engines.
  • Designed to de-restrict the engine and open up the true torque and power range.
  • QuantumBlue™ offers a better driving experience while returning an improved fuel consumption figure.
  • Parameters are carefully managed to optimise best burn times and achieve optimum in-cylinder pressures.
Red tune
  • Designed to fully unleash the full potential of your engine.
  • QuantumRed™ can be installed on both petrol and diesel vehicles.
  • Ideally used in situations where the extra power and torque is required for example moving extra heavy loads, running optimised acceleration, experiencing a wider torque window, or simply to enjoy your vehicle.

Pricing from £199+Vat


ECU REMAPPING – £199 until Friday the 21st

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RRP 279

Special price of £199


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  pipercross viper air filter


Pipercross Venom Sealed  Induction Kit





The Pipercross Venom Induction Kit is designed as a universal closed induction kit system to fit into existing air inlet pipework, or be adapted accordingly.

Developed in conjunction with a leading WTCC team, the Pipercross Venom universal air intake system uses a double conical design to increase surface area by over 40 percent (when compared to standard shape cone). This means the Venom has one of the largest surface areas of any after market enclosed intake system currently available.

The heat shield is designed to offer excellent airflow and keep out unwanted under bonnet heat from the intake system. The air feed ducting that is supplied takes air from a source of cold air and straight into the Venom’s filter system and then into the engine. The cooler airflow is more dense, introducing more oxygen into the combustion mixture and giving increased power.

The Venom is constructed from a thermo-plastic housing with 88mm inlet diameter and supplied with 4 reducers – 75, 70, 65 and 60mm.

pipercross viper air filter warranty



  • Universal Fitment
  • Double Conical Design For Increased Surface Area
  • Removable, Cleanable Replacement Filter Element
  • Large 3 Inch Cold Air Feed Ducting Included
  • Reducers Included
pipercross venom uk

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vmaxx suspension stock





V-MAXX Autosport is based in The Netherlands. A complete range of sport suspension and sport brake products is distributed to dealers in over 
60 countries world wide.
V-MAXX is known for offering outstanding value for money, a complete range and innovative design. This is backed up by positive independent reviews in magazines and on internet forums.


Check it out for yourself and decide if you want to pay less and get more!

V-MAXX products are all individually German TüV approved and come with a 2 year warranty.Image





Car Polish Formula 2 –

Car Polish Formula 2 -

Customers car after using Formula 2 car Polish from UKDetail.

V-Maxx Coilover kit for Mazda MX5 Mk1 – Adjustable Damping


Vehicle: Mazda MX5 Mk1

Product: Height and damping adjustable coilover kit
Produced: Holland

V-Maxx are a well respected & trusted performance suspension brand with over 240 kits available from stock.

Kit & Fitting: (actual kit shown)

  • Direct fit
  • 4 x coilovers
  • C-Spanner


  • 35-65mm lowering range on front
  • 35-65mm lowering range on rear
  • Two year warranty
  • TUV certificated
  • Improved handling & looks

Part Number: 70 MA 01

RRP £624


Special offer at  £519 Delivered to your Door

Remus Exhausts UK

UKDetail supply to complete Remus UK Exhausts



  • Remus Lifetime Warranty
  • Legendary Remus fit
  • Extensive R&D
  • Increased Horsepower
  • Unique Remus Sound
  • It’s a Remus!





Pipercross UK Supplier –

Pipercross filters flow stronger for longer. Researching, designing and developing kits in the UK for 25 years.