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Waterless Coolant on Wheeler Dealers

In last nights episode of Wheeler Dealers, Edd China converted a Triumph TR6 to Evans Waterless Engine Coolants. The episode gave a detailed account of all aspects of conversion from the Prep Fluid flush to finish. The coolant Edd used was our Classic Cool 180 which is particularly suitable for this era of car and will eliminate the overheating problems that can be common with triumphs. The new owner will also find the coolant won’t cause corrosion or cavitation and will extend the life of components such as the water pump.

Edd also demonstrated how the unique properties of the waterless coolant prevent pressurisation of the cooling system by removing the radiator cap whilst the vehicle was running. Don’t try this with a water-based coolant!



The aim was to eliminate Overheating and Boil Over


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Waterless Coolant – Rally Car Conversion

Extend Engine Life.
Prevent corrosion, erosion & cavitation.


Waterless Rally Coolant Conversion with Plant i 


Plant i visited a member of the local Rally Club today with a couple of bottles of Evans Coolant


The Conversion will be put into test this weekend at a stages event at The Cambrian Rally.

The Stages will be at Clocaenog, Penmachno and the Great Orme in Llandudno

The Proton Satria GTi will be seen wearing Plant i Decals


No Water – No Overheating

Power Cool 180° has a boiling point of 180°C and will not boilover.

No Water – Corrosion

Water contains oxygen, oxygen allows corrosion. Power cool 180° eliminates corrosion.

No Water – No Pressure

Power Cool 180° allows your cooling system to run at a lower pressure, reducing the strain on engine components.

No Water – No Liner Pitting

Power Cool 180° generates significantly less pitting when compared with all water based coolants

No Water – More BHP

Power Cool 180° eliminates premature detonation associated with overheating


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Ducati 888 Superbike has Waterless coolant Conversion

All new waterless coolant conversion on a customers Ducati 888 Superbike 

Extend Engine Life.
Prevent corrosion, erosion & cavitation.





A waterless engine coolant specially formulated for performance vehicles. Power Cool 180º protects engine cooling systems from -40ºC to 180ºC. The unique properties prevent many of the problems associated with waterbased coolants such as Premature Detonation and Overheating.

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Goodridge Racing Lines – Performance Brake lines


Goodridge brake lines

As the world’s leading supplier of brake lines and fittings, Goodridge offer a complete range of pre-assembled stainless steel brakeline kits to suit every make and model of car.

Goodridge performance brakeline kits offer sharper, firmer braking than standard rubber hoses, and reduce overall stopping distances.

We are pleased to be official distributors for the Goodridge range, offering next-day delivery and great service to our network of customers.

Pipercross Filter

With over 25 years experience in producing performance air filters for the automotive and motorsport industry, Pipercross have firmly earned their place as Europes largest foam air filter manufacturer.

The Pipercross range consists of fast road induction kits and air intakes, OE replacement performance panel filters, motorcycle and competition filters for all levels of motorsport.