Quick Car Cleaning

With a couple of Hours spare and perfect weather…

Perfect time to try the new UKDetail cleaning Products

Items used:

Nilfisk Pressure Washer

Nilfisk SnowFoam Lance

UKDetail 200:1 Cherry Snow Foam

UKDetail 200:1 Cherry Shampoo 

UKDetail Formula Polish

Bodywork Cleaning Brush

UKDetail Triple Acid Wheel Cleaner

Polishing Pads


1 Litre mix of snow foam was plenty for 1 medium sized car (Mazda 3 MPS) and one small car (106 GTi)


after being left to drip for a short while, remove the snow foam.

Before putting shampoo on the car I think its a good idea to clean the wheels.

the triple Acid wheel cleaner is strong stuff so best to use gloves.

3:1 mix

(due to using stock the bottle is unlabeled) 



Using a brush (a decent house painting brush would be fine

cover your alloy and you will instantly see the brake dust etc dissolving


Re apply if necessary.

Unfortunately no pics were taken of the polishing..

use a polishing pads to apply the polish,

cover sections at a time,

for example start on the bonnet and work until polish is a light haze on the paint work,

proceed to remove with a microfibre cloth until the polish is removed.

work your way around the vehicle and repeat similar process with wax formula.

(Next time I’ll make sure a tutorial is made for hand polishing and waxing)

here are the finished results

Only UKDetail products used






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